glass fusing examples cute creatures and basket of materials

Glass Fusing

Select the shape and size of your project. Plates, coasters, candle votives, vases, bowls, jewelry, etc. Choose your colors, cut, and arrange your design. We have over 40 colors of glass to choose from and idea books are available.

Children, accompanied by an adult, are welcome to do glass fusing. We have kid friendly designer glass, pebbles, chips, and frit glass. The cost ranges from $12 – $70, which includes studio time, materials, design tools, fusing tools, and staff assistance. Slumping is an additional $6.

Fusing and Slumping

What is Fusing?

Glass Fusing is the process of stacking and gluing two or more layers of glass together to create a design, then placing the stacked glass in the kiln, where it then fuses together.

glass peices pre-fusing yellow orange red black and clear glass

What is Slumping?

Slumping is the process of placing a fused piece of glass over a geometric form in order to melt it into the desired shape. If the project needs slumping it will require two firings.

slumped glass red candleholder with flowers
paint your own pottery tools

Events & Classes

Whidbey Art Escape offers a variety of events and classes throughout the year. From summer classes for the kids, to guest instructors, to our weekly Ladies Night, there is something for everyone!

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A selection of fused glass art created by our customers

fused glass crab on a sandy beach
fused glass mountain behind a lake scene
fused glass red on clear pattern plate and nightlight
fused glass blue and yellow owls on branches
fused glass snowman under winter trees
fused glass candle holder in reds oranges and yellows
fused glass still life fruit and flowers
fused glass candle holder in blues and whites
fused glass sushi plate
fused glass flower pots with white yellow red and blue flowers
fused glass jewelry
fused glass clock