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wheel thrown clay pots pre-firing

Clay Studio

How it works:

Our Clay Studio offers access to pottery wheels, hand-building area, slab roller, wedging table and the use of mid-range performance glazes and clay. Time in the studio is offered in 1 hour sessions* or full monthly memberships. See our Membership Levels below for more information.

*The Clay Studio is open for use by non-members by appointment only to assure staff availability. Please call (360) 331-3166 for reservations.

The Clay Experience

For those not looking for a full monthly membership, our Clay Experience gives you the opportunity to enjoy an hour of studio time, provided there are no classes scheduled during that time frame. Guidance and instruction will be provided as needed and reservations are required to insure staff availability.

To make reservations now, please call 360-331-3166.


per 1 hr

Membership Levels

Intro Membership

Includes 2 instructional classes. First session must include an orientation for either wheel or hand building and reservations are required.*

Clay cost: $30 + tax per 25lb bag.

Monthly Membership

Includes full access to our wheel and hand-building areas. Discounts available if paid in advance for three, six, or twelve months at sign-up.*

Clay cost: $30 + tax per 25lb bag.

Parent/Child Membership

For an additional $80.00 per month (included in total cost) share shelf space, kiln space, and a wonderful creative experience with your child.*

Clay cost: $30 + tax per 25lb bag.

*Firing: unlimited bisque firing, 3,000 cubic inches of glaze firing each month with additional glaze firing charged at the rate of 2 cents per cubic inch.

Wheel vs. Hand-built

Hand building

In addition to the wheel, we have a hand-building room with a large canvas-top table and a selection of tools to help bring your imagination to life. You can use our clay glazes or the paint-your-own pottery glazes on any of your clay pieces. Return throughout the length of your membership as often as you need to finish your work.

hand built clay kissy fish in greens and plums

Throwing on the wheel

The wheel is a great way to create cups, bowls, tea pots, and more. Whether you are just learning to center your clay, or you’ve advanced to more intricate creations, our knowledgeable staff is happy to guide and support you through out the process. We offer a variety of clay glazes to finish your work of art with a pop of color.

wheel thrown bowls and decorative jar with scraffito giant red poppy
paint your own pottery tools

Events & Classes

Whidbey Art Escape offers a variety of events and classes throughout the year. From summer classes for the kids, to guest instructors, to our weekly Ladies Night, there is something for everyone!

Learn more about Events & Classes


A selection of hand-built and wheel thrown clay art created by our customers

wheel thrown clay planter with carved birds
hand build clay slab with native american heron design
wheel thrown bowl in robins egg blue with silhouette birds on branches
hand built clay face plant decoration
wheel thrown clay pot in oranges and browns with carved plant life
hand built clay bearded man
hand built clay owl family
wheel thrown clay bowls and vase
hand built and wheel thrown mixed pot with froggy face
wheel thrown coffee mug with handle in black
hand built cat face soap dish
wheel thrown black pot with lego brick design